Approximately 17% of the population has a speech, language, hearing or related disorder which requires varying levels of speech-language pathology services. Communication disorders affect every aspect of a person's life. Children and adolescents struggle with these disorders to overcome barriers to learning. Adults struggle with these disorders to overcome barriers to employment and other aspects of independent living.

Identifying and properly treating communication disorders is essential in order to maximize an individual's functional ability and promote quality of life and independence. Speech Pathology Consultants, Inc. can provide diagnostic and rehabilitative services to people of all ages with communication disorders.
  Speech Pathology Consultants, Inc. contracts with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, home care agencies, early intervention programs and schools to provide ongoing services or fill temporary need situations. Speech Pathology Consultants, Inc. specializes in evaluation and treatment of speech, language and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Please contact us regarding contract services.